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CLIENT results

Picture of Brian Rahill

“Kaspars and his team have been doing a great job managing our PPC marketing. They are affordable, smart and responsive. I highly recommend them! ”

Brian Rahill

- CEO of CourseStorm, Inc.

July 2018 -VS- Avg. Month Before Best PPC
+ 462% Clicks
+ 387% Leads
-51% Cost per Lead
Picture of Michael Agruss

“I’ve signed up more cases in the first three months of this year than I averaged last year. Best PPC Marketing keeps my costs low so that I can better compete in certain markets.”

Michael Agruss

- Owner of Agruss Law Firm

July 2018 -VS- Avg. Month Before Best PPC
+248% Conversion Rate
+ 25.6% Leads
-41.2% Cost per Lead
Picture of Aaron Burnett

“Best PPC discovered more cost-efficient ad channels and spawned a significant click-through rate improvement after redesigning and retargeting the digital ads. They never stop searching for new ways to enhance their digital marketing strategies, which is why they deliver exceptional results every time.”

Aaron Burnett

- Sr. Marketing Officer at SellerCrowd

July 2018 -VS- Avg. Month Before Best PPC
+ 879% Clicks
+ 8.6 Million Impressions
+38% Conversion Rate

Post-Click Experience Matters

In many cases it's not the campaign that underperforms - it's the landing page.
Conversion Rate Example 1

+36% Conversion Rate Improvement

Conversion Rate Example 2

+71% Conversion Rate Improvement

Conversion Rate Example 3

+58% Conversion Rate Improvement

80% of the pay per click accounts are
wasting OVER 75%+of their advertising budget

If we're going by the numbers, we know why you're here.

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PPC Marketing Agency Services

Something we always ask our clients – are your customers ready to buy? To build a properly targeted pay-per-click marketing campaign one need to identify which part in the customer journey you are planning to engage with…



Google AdWords has prominently shown the upper hand in overall performance and efficiency when compared to other PPC platforms.

Now, the only question that remains - how do you want to, or, even better, should conquer Google's paid networks?



Ahh, the little brother of Google. Good choice!

Did you know - about 1 in 3 searches in U.S. come from Bing search network? And due to lesser competition - we do see higher acquisition rates at lower prices.

You'd have to be crazy to want to miss out on opportunity like that!



There are about 2.07 billion active Facebook users monthly. Don't you think a handful, or a ton of them, could become your customers?

That's what we thought.

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Faq About Working With Pay Per Click Agency

So you are considering hiring a pay-per-click agency? Great, here is a list of questions you might be asking yourself.
We cover everything from contract types to ppc management hours you are entitled to on monthly bases…

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click is a marketing method where an advertiser pays a fee per each click that has lead a person to advertisers’ website. The most popular platforms for PPC are search engines, or, social media platforms.

How can PPC marketing help my business?

PPC Marketing allows advertisers to show their ads in front of the targeted audience almost instantly. Meaning, you don’t have to wait months, or even years - to have your website showing on top of the search engines for your most profitable search queries.

Where will my potential customers see the PPC ads?

Best PPC Marketing focuses on paid search engine marketing, meaning, that your customers will be able to see your company’s ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! top search results, as well as, if requested, on YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display Network (a large network of 2+ million websites, and over 650,000 apps).

How much does it cost to do PPC marketing on Google?

Each search query, or, a keyword has a different difficulty and competition. For example, searching for a keyword “News”, which is searched 20,400,000 times a month, has a very low purchase intent - meaning, that there is little to no value that could be acquired from a click from this particular phrase (Valued at $1.24 per click). Meanwhile, “Mesothelioma Lawyer New York” is searched bare 50 times a month, but due to so many lawyers pursuing this term - it is valued at $342 per click. It is hard to predict the prices of keywords, but no matter the price - Google will favor advertisers that set up their campaigns properly, and award them by higher positions with lower CPCs.

Why should I hire a PPC agency and not do it myself?

PPC platforms are actually very complicated machines. For example, there are over 300+ ways to set up a single AdWords campaign. On top of it, all the giants, such as Google and Facebook, keep updating their advertising platforms extremely often, and if the advertiser isn’t up to date with what’s happening - a lot of money will end up being wasted.

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