Our Company Values

With a nearly 100% retention rate within past 2 years, we like to proclaim ourselves as the Best PPC Marketing team in North America. Bold, you may say? Yes, most certainly – but we do stand by our company’s name day in and day out.

Our clients are not just numbers to us. We consult them, and want to give an honest direction to help them succeed with their overall online marketing efforts – especially PPC. To prove that we are genuine marketers, well, did you hear about us by a cold call from a sales guy that doesn’t know a lick about PPC? That’s the point – you found us, and we want to do the same with potential clients for your business.

Online marketing is a tricky world – it can be either your best friend, or, a huge, bottomless money pit that you have to keep on feeding. Our goal is to make you befriend it, and maybe even make it your roommate. To do so, we strive to understand your unique business, create a marketing strategy tailored to your needs, implement latest PPC strategies and use best practices for each marketing channel, whilst ultimately – get your business the highest ROI possible from PPC.

We offer a list of online advertising services, which you can view by Clicking Here!

– Kaspars Brencans (Founder & CEO of Best PPC Marketing)

Kaspars Brencans