Leveraging Google Adwords for Chiropractors is an efficient way to generate low cost leads for your clinic.

We live in a world now where everything is digital. 10 years ago, a potential customer would turn to their neighbor or yellow pages for suggestions. Today, your customers are doing one of two things when they have a problem that your business can solve: they either turn to people they trust (word of mouth) or they GOOGLE it. That being said – the only way for businesses to succeed in 2019 is if they are willing to adapt to the fast changing digital world.

Intro to PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of digital marketing where advertisers pay a sum of money in exchange for a click to their desired website. There are many PPC platforms out there, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, and the list could go on; yet, today we’re going to talk about Google in particular.

In short, to succeed with Google ads, you need to:

  • Target search queries that are relevant to the services provided
  • Target geographic regions that make sense for the business
  • Write custom ads that prospects will want to click
  • Make sure the post-click experience fulfills what the person was looking for initially

So what does a Google Ad even look like?

There are a handful of identifiers that help you distinguish an ad from an organic result. PPC ads will have an [Ad] icon next to the URL & there are 4 slots allocated above all organic and map results; while there are also 2 slots on the bottom of the search results. The bottom ad placements usually rack up a ton of impressions without any actual clicks.

Now we get into the next question – how do you pick which phrases to use for your Google ads campaign?

Top 20 Key Words for Chiropractors

We went ahead and put together a list of top 20 keywords for local chiropractor PPC campaigns. The list includes the actual keywords, total monthly search volume in the U.S. & the suggested top of the page bid for each term.

A question we get a lot about this list is – “Are these bids fixed? Can they be lowered?” In short – the answer is YES! Google awards ad relevance and good customer experience. Here’s an approximate graph on how Google picks which ad will show up in which position:

What is the Quality Score and how does Google measures it?

Google measures marketing quality score on a scale of (instead of from) 1-10 and it is based on 3 factors – keyword relevancy to ads, expected Click-Through-Rate & the landing page experience. The lowest possible QS is 1/10; (allowing each of the previously mentioned sections to only rack up 0-3 points each.) not relevant?

How to Check for Quality Score. PRO TIP:

Already advertising on Google? Here’s how to check your current keyword quality scores:

STEP 1: Open Keywords tab in Google Ads interface

STEP 2: On the right side below the data graph, click on “Columns”

STEP 3: In “Columns” section, scroll all the way down to “Quality Score”

STEP 4: Click on it, mark the following check boxes & click “Apply”!

STEP 5: Scroll your keywords data all the way to the right hand side, and you’ll be able to view your current Quality Score Metrics

How do you write ads that will outcompete your competitors & score all 3 points for Expected Click Through Rate section in Quality Score?

  • Create ad groups that contain relatively similar root keywords
    • Ad Group 1: “Chiropractor for back”, “back pain chiropractor”, “chiropractor lower back pain”

    • Ad Group 2: “Chiro near me”, “chiropractor near me”, “nearest chiropractor”

    • Ad Group 3: “Best chiro”, “Best chiropractor”, “Chicago’s best chiropractor”

  • Write a compelling ad that would be relevant to the keywords outlined in each ad group

    • TIP: Include the root keyword in the headline and description line, as Google highlights the searched keyword in paid ad results

  • Add all possible ad extensions with relevant information

    • There are over 15+ different types of ad extensions (manual and dynamic), so make sure you use as many as possible!

The last section of quality score is landing page experience.

The landing page experience is probably the easiest triple you can get out of the 10. It’s not publicized, but Google uses a simple “Yes” or “No” algorithm to analyze the landing page – meaning, if you have advertised keywords, relevant content & contact information available on the Final URL – You should be just fine.

Meanwhile – the post click experience reaches far further than just scoring cheaper clicks & getting a better average position. Great post-click experience can help you turn the same amount of clicks into more leads.

You have a website – that should cut it, right? Well, no. We have noticed that building out landing pages with highly relevant content & lead generation in mind can improve conversion rates by up to 150%. Why should you care about conversion rates? If you like money, please follow the following mathematical formula.

Let’s imagine that website currently converts at 5% & you generate 100 clicks per month at $5 per click:

Now, if your conversion rate is increased by 150%, hence, 12.5% & you still buy 100 clicks at $5 per click:

You see how you spent the same money on the same amount of clicks, yet, generated 1.5x times the leads & cut the cost per acquisition by nearly $62.

Are these numbers even feasible? Absolutely! We have created landing pages that convert at 40%+;

Here’s a concise list that outlines some of the items we look out for when we create landing pages:

  • Clear outline of your service in the hero section
  • Clear call to action (call, form, or appointment scheduler)
  • Use real images of the location & employees, rather stock photos
  • Highlight the benefits of why your company is better than others
  • Showcase awards & achievements
  • List Previous client testimonials
  • No distractions (such as outbound links to other services, images of other offers, etc.)
  • Page load speed times (here)
  • And others…

There are a million other items that could be added to this list, but as we always say – each business is different, so what works for one might not work for others. There are a lot of uncertainties that go into advertising on Google, so it’s always good to have experienced set of eyes on the account at all times.

Chiropractor PPC Case Study

We would like to highlight a client of ours that we on-boarded not too long ago. The client had issues with their account performance & no matter what they tried – they ended up wasting more money with little to no return.

Before working with us – they were spending about $2,500/mo on ads & generating about 20-30 leads per month; making it $80-$125 per qualified lead. It was alright with them for a while as they noticed that these clients stuck around & would re-schedule ongoing appointments, but this type of strategy wasn’t sustainable.

They reached out to Best PPC Marketing & we conducted an account and a CRO audit for them. In short – whoever was managing the account prior to us was doing a good job, yet, there were improvements to be made.

Biggest issues:

  • Previously the search queries were not analyzed / no new negative keywords added to the account in order to eliminate wasted ad spend
  • Ads were repetitive and boring
  • All traffic was sent directly to home page of their website

$5,866.93 in ad spend
121 leads
$47.44 cost per lead

In other words – we quadrupled the number of leads, cut the cost per lead in half & racked up a solid 8.72% conversion rate.


In our opinion, PPC marketing is the best way to get close to your potential customers. On top of that, PPC is the most transparent when it comes to tracking your results. Unlike traditional marketing channels, you can look at every single dollar you have put towards your marketing campaigns, see all the leads that have been generated & figure out what works and what doesn’t work in real time, and optimize your profitability accordingly. Can a flyer in the mail do that?

If you think your Chiropractic Practice could benefit from a consultation with a Google’s Premier Partner (only 2% of Agencies in the US have this award) – shoot us a message or grab a proposal today!

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