Google AdWords – the holy grail of PPC advertising.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, which means whether you’re running a local car shop, nationwide clothing store, or, an online super niche product retail site – Google will have its share for you.

Google AdWords gives advertiser the ability to show their page on top of Google almost instantly, and due to that fact is found to be the most effective PPC platform available.

Unlike other PPC platforms, Google AdWords gives advertiser a lot of control over targeting options. As there are so many searches each month, it is extremely important to capture the audience that is looking for product / service that your company offers.

Also, proper bidding on these phrases can be more important than being #1 for selected phrases, as, in many cases, advertisers showing up for spots #3 and #4 pay up to 70% less than the advertiser showing up for spot #1!

In Google AdWords you have to be smart, and focus on ROI, rather than any other supplemental feel-good factors. It’s easy to waste money by bidding on the wrong keywords, not even talking about keyword match types.


  • Campaign strategy creation
  • Conversion (Leads / Calls / Purchases) tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Text ad creation
  • Proper campaign setup
  • Ad A/B testing
  • Campaign management
  • Landing page conversion rate optimization
  • Landing page creation / development (additional service)


Best PPC Marketing offers monthly reporting for Google AdWords advertising, which includes the amount of people your ads have reached, how many people actually clicked on your ads, and most importantly – how many people took action on your website.

Upon request, you can schedule a 1-on-1 call to discuss the Google AdWords report, get a hang of current campaign performance, and dig into campaign metrics.


Best PPC Marketing has a no setup fee policy, and we only charge a flat-fee for your AdWords advertising efforts; whereas, other companies charge you a large percent from your advertising efforts.