Google AdWords is how you place ads on Google, and it’s a much more complicated process than it appears to be. Some local companies can get away with DIY-ing their own ads, but generally the results are less than amazing. So, below you’ll find a handy reference chart that tells you what you should be expecting for results. Now for the purposes of the chart below, “results” are people who contacted your business through your website, or made a purchase on your site for Ecommerce sites.

One of the most common questions we get asked is: what kind of results can I expect from my Google AdWords campaign? The chart below answers that!

Scope of Your Marketing Typical Conversion Rates Example Results
Local Area 20% – 25% of Clicks 100 Clicks, 20-25 Results
National (Known brand, ie. Kohls, etc.) 5% – 10% 100 Clicks, 5-10 Results
National (unknown brand) 2% – 5% 100 Clicks, 2-5 Results
Ecommerce 2% – 5% 100 Clicks, 2-5 Results (Sales)

This chart is just a small reference point, but it gives you a base to understand how well your advertising is doing. We use this information to help us determine how well your ads are doing.