Meanwhile, PLA campaign structure is completely opposite of what we imagine Google AdWords is about. Product listing ads do not allow you to pick which phrases you want your products to show up for; meanwhile, Google is the one picking the terms – therefore, there are other ways to create and manipulate your campaigns for the highest success rate.

Google shopping ad management is complicated starting from creating the feed, picking the right product headlines, selecting perspective bids – and then beating the competition to be able to pay the least money for the highest rankings on top converting keywords. That’s why having an experience hand on the shoulder is more than suggested when it comes to advertising products on Google.


  • Product feed creation / uploading an existing product feed
  • Conversion (Leads / Calls / Purchases) tracking
  • Proper campaign structure setup
  • Search query management
  • PLA campaign optimization
  • Landing page conversion rate optimization
  • Landing page creation / development (additional service)


Best PPC Marketing offers monthly reporting for Google Shopping Ad advertising, which includes the amount of people your ads have reached, how many people actually clicked on your ads, and most importantly – how many people have taken action on your website.

Upon request, you can schedule a 1-on-1 call to discuss the Google Shopping Ads report, get a hang of current campaign performance, and dig into campaign metrics.


Just like Google AdWords search ads – Best PPC Marketing has a no setup fee policy, and we only charge a flat-fee for your AdWords advertising efforts. If you know what a good deal is, then you should be scheduling a call with us right now!

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