As of 2017, there are 467 million users on LinkedIn over the world, of which 106 million are actively using the platform monthly. On top of that – its rapid growth, 2 new members per second, proves that it’s here to stay.

LinkedIn offers a very nice advertising platform that allows advertisers to show their ads either in the main feed, side feed, job feed, or send InMail messages. LinkedIn advertising may also be slightly more expensive than other platforms, but as it’s intended for B2B communications – it can bear much higher ROI.

Paid advertising isn’t the only thing that’s a part of Best PPC LinkedIn Marketing services. We also help companies build their brand awareness, increase the amount of valuable connections, and help with lead generation the old fashioned way – by promoting custom content to groups of similar interests, by engaging with other professionals of interest, and providing value to potential customers.


  • The proper marketing approach selection
  • Marketing strategy development & implementation
  • Conversion (Leads / Calls / Purchases) tracking
  • Content creation (additional service)
  • Remarketing
  • Landing page conversion rate optimization
  • Landing page creation / development (additional service)


Best PPC Marketing offers monthly reporting for LinkedIn advertising. That includes the amount of people that the advertising efforts have reached, how many people we have interacted with, and how many leads/purchases we have gathered.

As per request, you can schedule a 1-on-1 call to discuss the LinkedIn report, get a hang of current campaign performance, and dig into campaign metrics.


LinkedIn advertising strategies are all completely custom, therefore, our pricing has to be quoted accordingly. We take in consideration how complex the campaign is planned to be, how much traffic is expected, how many leads are predicted to land in your CRM, and, well, you get the drift.