Best PPC Marketing enables companies to be profitable with PPC through:
- Targeted PPC Advertising
- Conversion Rate Optimized Landing Pages

PPC Advertising

  • Targeted keywords
  • Relevant ads
  • Highly converting landing pages

Buying traffic is one thing - converting it is something completely different.
That's where our specialty comes into picture.

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The "Beyond The Click" Experience

Step 1 Landing Page Creation

Even the most advanced websites might not be well suited for PPC Advertising.
Because in most cases there's too much distraction going on, which can interfere with landing leads / capturing sales.

The Beyond The Click Experience
A/B Testing

Step 2 A/B Testing

It's extremely important to test landing page variations in order to achieve highest conversion rates.

Step 3 Ongoing Optimization

It's extremely important to test landing page variations in order to achieve highest conversion rates.

Ongoing Optimization

But wait, there's more!

Icon of Target Keywords That Conver Target Keywords That Convert

Not all traffic to your website is good traffic. That's why it's important to show ads to people who are likely to turn into your customers.

Icon of In-Depth Reporting In-Depth Reporting

We make sure we register every single conversion we capture from your online advertising efforts. And, further on, we make it available directly to you with our 24/7 live reports.

Icon of Compelling Ad Creation Compelling Ad Creation

Two of the three Google's Quality Score factors are related to ads - Ad Relevancy & Expected Click-Through-Rate. Meaning, your ads have to relate to the searcher, and are compelling enough to make them click!

Phone Call Reporting Phone Call Reporting

Capturing phone calls is one thing. Here at BPPC, we take an extra care in phone calls. We make sure every client of ours gets a special reporting dashboard, which outlines call owner, the length & even the keyword that brought in the conversion.

Icon of Retargeting - Search & Display Retargeting - Search & Display

Depending on the industry, we have observed an average of between 2 and 107 customer interactions to go from first touchpoint to turning into an actual customer. Need I say more why remarketing is important?

Icon of Geo-Targeting Geo-Targeting

No matter whether you're a local business, or an international giant - it is important to bid appropriately, or, even exclude geographic locations to achieve maximum profitability.

Icon of Flat Fees Forever Flat Fees Forever

Unlike most of our competitors - we only charge flat fees so you wouldn't be surprised about new fees each month. On top of that, we do not charge any setup fees.
*In most cases our flat fee is less than 10% of your monthly ad spend

Icon of Competitor Insights Competitor Insights

The saying "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" could not be more true when it comes to PPC advertising. With special tools, we are able to keep all of your competitors' strategies in check in order to maximize your account's performance.